Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Quilled Sun Flower Bookmark

Hello, quiller!
Well, it's been a long time since the last post about quilling paper. Before I went to Jakarta to do internship here, I made a bookmark with a quilled sunflower on it. Actually, it was a basic quilling which can be done by making two basic shapes only. Shaped marquise for the petals and tigh coil for the inner petal. It just like a piece of cake, right? ;)

What you need :

  • of course some paper strips, hehe. I used sun-kissed yellow for the petals, black and dark brown for the inner petals.
  • white glue
  • green 200gsm paper
  • scissor
  • cutter
  • quilling ruler, why we need this stuff? to make sure that each petal has the same size
  • quilling needle
Ok, now just let the picture tell you how to make it. It will be better than I write the steps with my poor English, isn't it? Hehe. Enjoy the picture, I will try my best to give an easy to understand caption on each.

a hundred thousand!

Sudah lama ngga buka blog karena lagi kerja praktik nih. Tiap hari berangkat jam 6 pagi, pulang jam 3 sore, dan sampe tempat tinggal udah jam 6 sore aja. Terus masak buat sahur, rapi-rapi kamar, mandi, eh udah jam nya bobok deh. Karena capek ngantor *ceilah ngantor* jadi ngga sempet ngeblog deh ya. Padalah banyak banget yang pengen diceritain hehe.
Nah, pas buka blog eh tau-tau visitorsnya udah sampe seratus ribu aja. Yihaaa! Seneng banget karena udah dinanti lama hehe.
Thanks so much dear readers, you made my day :3