Wednesday, 26 June 2013

my fourth-semester's cutest stuff

Welcome to another random post ^^
Hey there! Let me tell you that the fourth semester just ends up now :) yeah, finally! and guess what? the final grade have been uploaded! I have pretty good GPA, Alhamdulillah :)
Anyway, my fourth semester was so wonderful. It was my busiest semester I've ever had, hehe,  besides taking 24 credits, I also joined some events and org :D But, lucky me, on my busy day I always accompanied by some cute things that always boost my mood up! Here they are, my daily stuffs, my must bring items, the cutest among all :

1. Polka Purse
My most lovely must-bring-item. It's become my everything since the things inside are my important stuffs such as cash money, some cards, some notes, lip-balm, and even, my phone. I really like its colorful fleshy flower, still on polka. Lovely!


2. My Phone
I got this phone after my prev phone has broken hehe. I am so admire to its super slimy design.

3. Brooch
Yes, that cute yellow owl below is a brooch, among all of my brooch, it was my cutest one. But I lose it in the day when YES Summit held (about YES Summit) , I put it somewhere in a committee room. So careless. Poor me :(

After the losing-day of my most favorite owl, this knitting brooch below becomes the cutest one. I have another one in purple. They makes me feel so girly whenever I wore them.