Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Handmade Gift Box Tutorial

Hello friends, yesterday was a wonderful day. The GPA of the last semester was announced! And the result is not bad ^^
Yesterday I made a gift box, it was my very first handmade gift box and I satisfied with the result although it’s still not neatly. Here, I wanna share the tutorial. Well, actually I think we may not call it as tutorial since it’s a very simple way, all you have to do and all you need to make a handmade giftbox just patience and persistence. Ok, let’s see the materials you need and the steps below.

What you need :
  • Paper board (I used 2mm thick)
  • All purpose adhesive
  • Cutter
  • Scisor
  • Ruler and pencil
  • White glue
  • Patterned paper/wrapping paper
  • Colored paper (I used 200gsm paper in gray)
  • Some paper to make the ornament (paper roses and leaves)
Steps :
  • Make a gift box pattern, just like a cube pattern but its sides are only 5. (I made a 7cm box, so I measure each side as 7cm.) Then, cut the pattern using a ruler and cutter.

  • Fold the dotted lines. Use cutter to helps you fold the lines, cut a bit of its thickness. I mean, scratch your cutter on the paper board for two or three times to make scoring marks along the lines to help in folding. Then, you can fold it easily
  • Apply adhesive along the every edges of the sides so that each side sticking to each other.

  • Cut patterned paper or wrapping paper like the picture below :

  • Glue the paper on the surface of the box and tidy up the top.

  • Now, let’s make the other part, the upper one. Actually, the steps are same, the difference is in box pattern measurement. The cover should be wider, so I give extra 5mm each sides from the previous size. Take a look to the picture below :

  • The next steps are exactly same with the last one (step 2 to 5)
  • Taraaaa, you’ve finished your handmade gift box

  • Now, let’s make the ornament on it. You can use ribbon, paper quilling, or whatever you like. I choose paper roses and its leaves. You can see the tutorial on how tomake paper roses here. For the leaves, actually I just practiced what Manu did, click here for her tutorial. She is such a greaaaat quiller, I do love all of her work so much.

Well, that’s all, simple isn’t it? It just like a piece of cake, I mean the technique. But yes, for me it’s incredibly time consuming, I need 4 hours to finish it. Anyway, big thanks to read this tutorial. I hope this is helpful, and I really sorry about my English. I keep learning on English but I am not sure that the sentences I wrote are gramatically correct. Hehe.
Happy crafting!


  1. cantik boxnya sist, buatnya pakai kertas apa ya?oh ya, tulisan sblmnya bagus lho, mengingatkn qt ttg kematian, krn kerabat sy jg br sj meninggal.

    1. makasih Bu.. boxnya pakai paper board/hard board karton di gramed ada. kalau hiasannya pakai bufalo dan hvs aja. hehe.
      oalah, turut berduka cita ya Bu, semoga beliau ditempatkan di tempat terbaik disisiNya.