Friday, 27 December 2013

LOVE - quilled letters

Hey guys, I just finished my paper quilling project and I feel so relieved now haha! Few days ago I tried to make some quilled letters. It's not as easy as I thought before, because shaping each letter was take soooo much time. I need a day and a half to finished it, or maybe five to six hours working, nonstop *sigh*
Since Indonesia celebrate the mother's day on Dec 22, I think it's a good idea to dedicated this quilling to my mom, ahaha. I'd shown her and she seemed to love it ;)

I used 5mm wide paper strips, about four to five colors, a combination of some kinds of reds and pinks.  Anyway I love the swirls both on the top and the bottom, cute, no?
Well, enjoy the result and would you please tell me what do you think about this quilled letters? I am so glad to know your opinion, so please write it down on the comment field :) thank you and happy quilling!!


  1. can u make it for me? just 'M O' :D yah yah?
    sooo beautifuuullllll ♥♥

    1. ahaha mbaaaak, insyaAllah deh :D kalau audit kelar ><

    2. akhir semester bisa aku tagih berarti :p

    3. waaah bahaya wkwk. btw suka warna apa mbak *semoga ngga punya stok warna sukaannya mbk miya* :P

    4. kuning n oranye *to the point* hahaha