Sunday, 14 April 2013

Good Day (to sleep hard)

I am not a coffee addict nor coffee lover. I just a coffee seeker, lol. I mean I only drink coffee when I really need it. But since a few days ago, many tasks, paper, homework, quizzes, and other things make me lose my sleeping time. Yes, it makes me need coffee almost everyday!
And I found this, a bottle of a ready-to-drink coffee with Good Day as its brand. I am very interested in its product design, the bottle is very cute and the graphic design looks so fun. So far the product design successfully represent the brand itself : "Good Day". And, yeah it makes me feel like I will have a good day whenever I drink it, though the taste is not to different with other instant coffee, even it's too sweet for me. One more about this coffee brand, I think the company should use a tagline "a Good Day to Sleep Hard", similar to the title of a great movie : A Good Day to Die Hard. haha. Okay, I need to sleep now, Good Night folks! enjoy the picture of the product. it's taken by myself :)

cute bottle isn't it?

loud design, i like it lately.

Good Day :)

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